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Important general advice given to players before betting on sports

Betting on other games within your sport may also raise questions and breach rules. You are likely to know and be friends with many athletes in your sport and you should therefore give very careful consideration before you involve yourself in any betting on your sport to avoid potential problems. Again, consult your sport’s rules and regulations first. Find more info on free bet no deposit uk here.

You should be aware that some sports have decided that it is easiest and best to prohibit athletes from betting on their own sport. If in any doubt, then do not bet on your sport until you have spoken to your governing body and players’ association and you are happy that you are acting in accordance with your sport’s rules.

As an athlete you will have access to information that is not yet available to the general public, such as knowing that your star player is injured or that the coach is putting out a weakened side. This is considered sensitive or inside information. This information is sought by people who would then use that knowledge to secure an unfair advantage and to make a financial gain.

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Know the various rules and guiding principles on betting in sports


We help you to ask your club, federation or players association about the rules on betting in your sport and country before the start of each sporting season so that you are aware of your sport’s most recent position regarding betting. Many sports and countries either have or are developing regulations on sports betting and even if you don’t bet. These rules are explained to you in a way that is easy to understand, ideally through meetings and supported by fact sheets and web based educational tools.


As a professional athlete, you must not bet on any match you or your team is involved in as it would trigger a potential conflict of interest not compatible with the integrity or ethics of your sport. This includes betting on yourself or your team to win lose or draw as well as any of the different side-bets. These might not affect the result of the match but could nevertheless have an adverse effect on the public perception of both you and your sport and may breach national laws and/or sport specific regulations. If you bet on yourself or your opponent you have the risk of having your image and reputation tarnished, being sanctioned or banned by your sport. agen judi online.